Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Early Days...Macho Man

I guess there is no better place to start than the first few months of our "getting to know one another". Now, when I married Geri I told her that Tony would be my responsibility and I would care for all his needs (I had NO idea what his needs were but it sounded good). God will bless Geri for her patience with me as she was very selective on the "what and when" as she introduced me to just what that meant. So, when she would say, Randy you need to check Tony out, I always knew I was in for my next lesson. On this particular day, Tony was in the bathroom when she gave me the "check it out" call. Now please understand that my experience in this area was very limited but I figured how hard can it be? When I turned from the hallway into the bathroom I burst out laughing. Tony was standing up in front of the porcelain convenience and he was doing something that resembled the twist. My laughing came to an instant halt as the realization set in that he was spraying everything on both sides of the target area. Now when things like this happen you forget that Tony is handicapped and you react like he was any other person. That means I hollered at him to stop. Ya right. What he did was jump and turn toward me. Now I look like everything on both sides of the convenience. You get the picture. Now I'm not known for being slow, but at time like this, your brain sort of slows down. Fortunately, it came back quick and all my options began to spin like one of those slot fast to choose and I knew I needed a winner. I settled on this one. Moving forward I pinched off the supply hose. Now you have me and Tony face to face, me shutting of the supply hose and him starting to scream. I slowly turned him around and sat him down and released my grip. Needless to say, the screams brought Geri, and cleaning equipment. Not since my stint in the Army had I been assigned latrine duty. Needless to say, Tony and I would begin a daily routine of visiting the room together, making sure sitting down was the rule of the day. It took about forty five days of constant checking, shutting off the supply tube and turn arounds before Tony really got the idea. It didn't take near that long for me to learn that committing to take care of someone elses needs may carry with it far more than what the mind imagines. It also made me glad that my Father loved me enough to provide a Saviour who would take care of all mine....and He knew all about me, ahead of time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Did you know?

I'm sorry I missed posting for two days, I was working on some large files and my computer decided enough was enough until I made more room on my HD. But we are back in business now! So to continue on with this, I decided it would be important for you to know some "Do you know facts" about Tony before I actually started sharing the lessons I've learned, so from time to time, you can refer back to these facts to shed additional understanding on the lesson. These are things I did NOT know when I met Tony and many of them I didn't pick up on until after I married Geri and MY training began. So here we go:

1. Tony will get more hugs in his lifetime than 100 average (so called normal) people.

2. If you are a young lady your chances of getting a hug are about 90%

3. If your a well endowed young lady, chances increase to 110%

4. If you appear to like it, you get promoted to the "I never forget" list.

5. In Churches we've visited all over the country, people will recognize and call
Tony by name but do not know Geri or I by name.

6. Tony can't read or write, does not speak well, but has no problem getting
exactly what he wants.

7. Tony can operate any tape player, VCR, DVD and TV you put him in front of.

8. Tony has a very nervous stomach, and at the slightest "I don't want to do
this" can turn the contents into liquid!

9. There is no correlation between the time, or amount, of food he has taken in,
and the amount of liquid he can produce when he has a nervous stomach.

10. NSS (nervous stomach syndrome I call it) overtakes him whenever he: sees
a hospital, goes to an amusement park, rides on an ATV, wants revenge on
Dad for any reason, in the middle of the shopping mall.

11. Because of number 10, I always carry a back pack with enough supplies to
accomplish a complete head to toe "Do-Over".

12. Most of the time, I forget and leave the back pack in the car. It has
always amazed me how creative you can get when you have only the supplies
in the men's room.

13. Tony is very strong.

14. Tony has had cancer but is now in complete remission (Thank you Lord!).

15. Tony has had all his teeth removed.

16. When you don't care if you pee your pants or use the little room, it makes
no difference how you put on your underwear?

17. Tony is my "BUD".